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Gallery Spectrum

Gallery Spectrum with its multi theme 400 sq.m.exhibitionis situated in the center of Prague. It is about 80m from the Wenceslas Square. The multi theme exhibition is designed for families, pupils, students, foreign and Czech tourists.

The Gallery exhibits 1,200 original movie posters from 1936 to 1961. It is a unique collection from the Golden Era of Hollywood and European movies. Visitors can see big stars such as M.Brando, J.Wayne, S.Loren, M.Dietrich, A.Delon, J.Gabin etc. Vicitors can get a poster copy or have it printed on a T shirt.

World War II leaders wax figures are dedicated mainly to students and pupils of all kinds of schools. The wax figures were hand made in 1950s and 1960s. That means they were made in the original way and not casted like most wax figures. One can see both allies such as Roosevelt, Stalin, Churchill as well as their enemies such as Hitler, Göring, Mussolini. Pupils and students can find educational texts on the World War II on the Gallery web pages.

One room in the Gallery exhibits a unique collection of original forty year old slot and amusement machines, vintage amusement machines, one of the first electronic roulettes, table ice hockey etc. Children can try some amusement machines and see the way they worked.

There is Che Guevara’s conspiracy apartment underground with original decorations from 1960s. That is when Che Guevara actually spent some time in Prague (1966). The apartment is a fiction designed to remind visitors of the communist régime. One can say it is a small museum of communism. The Gallery exhibits unique personal staff and pictures of Che Guevara‘s life.

Exhibits come from a private collection.